All about MUSIC

Music is the strongest form of magic” –Marilyn Manson. Some people say that music is only for those person who has an ability to sing beautifully but it is wrong, because music is open for everyone.When you’re sad,happy,lonely, or whatever you feel music can relate and can make you calm and that was the magic of music.

Use music in a good way, listen those music who gives an impact to your life or a music that can illustrate who you are as a person.Like christian songs it really helps you (promise), I do love listening Chris Tomlin songs,Hillsong, Planetshakers and it helps me to be more stronger but of course you also need a prayer because it is important. –Any genre of music can tell a story and has lesson.

Sing those songs who changed your emotion and don’t stop listening music,and explore the music world.

Introduce the music that inspired you so that the other people will be inspired too. Do not think and say negatively like “No, I won’t tell that person about this because that person doesn’t love music” stop the negativity, stop being reasonable because everyone loves music even the deaf will dance if he/she sees a person who dance and that is magic of music.

Challenge yourself to learn some instruments for you to know the real world of music. Do not be shy if it basic because everyone starts in that stage. While you are alive explore and try to write your feelings in a piece of paper then make a tune on it.For sure it will put a smile in your face.